martes, 24 de febrero de 2009

Nota a Sensplus en la revista inglesa-global Research * (

Hoy publicaron una nota en la prestigiosa revista inglesa-global Research * ( donde se cuenta brevemente el inicio de Sensplus como compañia de Innovacion y Marketing Sensorial.

Queremos agradecer a Pablo Sanchez Kohn de Insights Qualitativos ( por el reportaje.

Aqui reproducimos la nota:

A taste of independence for ex-Nestlé researcher

Former Argentina consumer insights chief Eduardo Sebriano launches sensory-based innovation consulting firm

ARGENTINA-- Nestlé Argentina’s former consumer insights and marketing intelligence manager Eduardo Sebriano has launched sensory-based innovation consulting firm SensPlus.
Sebriano, an Argentinean chemical researcher with a graduate degree in consumer sciences, joined Nestlé in September 1995 and in January 2001 became consumer intelligence manager. At the time of leaving the company he was in charge of consumer-driven research and innovation processes and strategic planning for all brands, including ice cream, coffee and beverages, dairy, culinary and nutrition products.
Verónica Rosales is now responsible for providing relevant consumer knowledge to Nestlé Argentina internal clients, with a new special emphasis on web 2.0 and ‘bottom of the pyramid’ consumer insights – that is, better understanding the buying habits of the poorest sections of society.
Sebriano, meanwhile, is still helping Nestlé brands as an external provider through his new company.Discussing the launch of SensPlus, Sebriano said: “I saw interesting opportunities in providing emerging Latin American companies and other global companies strongly interested in this region with world-class sensory-based innovation and consumer insights tools.”Latin America, he said, is “an excellent market” to test innovations. “It has a very competitive cost structure, growing economies, multicultural societies and talented researchers,” said Sebriano. “Some Latin American countries are used by global companies as their preferred marketplaces labs.”
A website – – is under construction.

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